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David Esquith
"Trina was an invaluable part of our wedding. She was always helpful and timely in her responsiveness. Her expertise ensured the success of our wedding day. "

Lisa and David Tesche'
"Trina is a very professional, caring, and honest wedding planner that takes her job very seriously. She offers an expert opinion in the field which allows brides and grooms to make a better decision in planning a wedding. I would highly recommend Trina to anyone. She goes above and beyond what she is contracted to do to make the wedding day seem as stress free as possible and to ensure that all of the request that the bride, groom, or anyone for that matter has requested. "

Noelle & Mike Walzak - Bourbonnais, IL

Trina was patient, kind, very helpful, sensitive to both the bride and the mother's needs. Trina became a true support and friend through our planning.

She had so many great ideas and knew so much about the way things work with the other wedding vendors we hired.

If anyone needs a recommendation for Trina I would be more than happy to speak with them. Trina made a huge impression on me, my mom and my entire family. Anytime I had a question, I knew I could get a helpful, honest answer from Trina.

She was by no means just our coordinator - she became part of the family. She will always be a special memory of our special day. "


Robin Sawyer
"Both during the event and after, I received nothing but praise for the job Trina did."

Trina walked me through preparing my daughter's wedding in a very short period of time."

After using "All Events Orlando," I would never plan a wedding on my own again!... I didn't have to worry about a thing... and could spend my day enjoying my daughter's wedding.

She blended well with the guests and never stopped organizing and making adjustments to keep things running smoothly, on time and enjoyable, for everyone in attendance.

She was both our Wedding Coordinator and a true friend. I would highly recommend all of her services to anyone planning a wedding

Jed & Amanda Stone - New York, NY
I want to thank you for an amazing wedding! Without you, it wouldn't have been so perfect!

The ceremony was like a fairy tale setting and the reception was beautiful. You are amazing, and my mother and I are very grateful to you. Everyone commented on how smoothly you took care of all the details. Your presence was professional at all times. You made our guests feel very comfortable. Thank you for making our wedding day dreams come true in every way!


Joel & Kerri Fernandez -
Orlando, Fl

"If you are looking for assistance in the coordination of your wedding, Trina is wonderful."

I don't think I truly appreciated her until the week before the wedding and now that I have had time to reflect on all of the help she was able to provide I know that we could not have done it without her."

We were thinkig of hiring a wedding coordinator because we were fairly new to the area and felt we needed some guidance. However, we were hesitant because our budget was very tight. After speaking with Trina we decided that we couldn't afford not to hire her. Her price was reasonable and her expertise made us feel very comfortable in hiring her.

I did not want to assign details for family and friends to handle. Trina stepped right in and took care of every detail.

She is very approachable and made my husband and I feel at ease with the wedding plans. If you are looking for assistance in the coordination of your wedding, Trina is wonderful !

2500 Curry Ford Rd
Suite #7
Orlando, FL 32806

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We had just a few months and a limited budget, but Trina at All Events was wonderful and helped us plan a lovely wedding. Three months before our wedding date, the Air Force revoked my fiancé's leave. We had to get married over the Christmas holiday (just 6 weeks away!) or wait an entire year. Trina was a champ - in 6 weeks she helped us pull together a fantastic wedding in a simple budget. All 130 guests commented on the wedding as one of the most beautiful and fun they had ever attended. Angela and Daniel Hoffman.

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